Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Visit to Oslo Academy of Fine Art

Today we were given a tour of the Academy by the Head of the Bachelor Programme in the Academy of Fine Art Therese Veier. We were taken into the studio and shown the work being produced from 1st year to masters. As with Bergen the quality of the studios and the standard of the work being produced was excellent. We were also taken to see the space of Phoenix Bursary Holders and painting graduates Kristin Osterberg and Anna Crilly. Unfortunately Anna was in Berlin but we still got a sense of the work being produced. After the tour we had a coffee with Therese and the Dean of the Academy of Fine Art Vanessa Ohlraun. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank both Vanessa and Therese for their time and generosity to support the Phoenix Bursary and take Thomas and myself around the institution. Visiting the institutions first hand has really driven home the impact of this project. International art schools coming together to support a group of graduates - what could be better

Thomas and Therese in the studio of an undergraduate painter

Kristin Osterberg in her studio
Work in progress in Kristins studio
Unfortunately Anna Crilly was in Berlin but we still paid her studio a visit.

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