Thursday, 20 November 2014

Exhibition by Artist Janus Hom at 1857

While in Oslo we caught the show of artist Janus Hom in an interesting space called 1857. In there own words "1857 is an artist run project space occupying a former lumberyard in Gronland, Downtown Oslo. [...] It's aim is to forge connections between the Norwegian art scene and the young artists abroad" you can find out more through there website.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gallery spaces and Exhibition in the Oslo National Academy of the Art

As part of the tour Therese took us to the exhibition spaces in the Academy. We were fortunate enough to see an installed exhibition in one of the galleries. As with the studio tour the standard of the work in the show was impressive. The student had experimented with a wide range of mediums and techniques including audio works, mark making, photography and printing. This multi discipline cross over between mediums seemed to be in keeping with the approach to teaching in the Academy.

Visit to Oslo Academy of Fine Art

Today we were given a tour of the Academy by the Head of the Bachelor Programme in the Academy of Fine Art Therese Veier. We were taken into the studio and shown the work being produced from 1st year to masters. As with Bergen the quality of the studios and the standard of the work being produced was excellent. We were also taken to see the space of Phoenix Bursary Holders and painting graduates Kristin Osterberg and Anna Crilly. Unfortunately Anna was in Berlin but we still got a sense of the work being produced. After the tour we had a coffee with Therese and the Dean of the Academy of Fine Art Vanessa Ohlraun. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank both Vanessa and Therese for their time and generosity to support the Phoenix Bursary and take Thomas and myself around the institution. Visiting the institutions first hand has really driven home the impact of this project. International art schools coming together to support a group of graduates - what could be better

Thomas and Therese in the studio of an undergraduate painter

Kristin Osterberg in her studio
Work in progress in Kristins studio
Unfortunately Anna Crilly was in Berlin but we still paid her studio a visit.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Train from Bergen to Oslo part 3

The final leg of the journey saw us coming down from the high altitudes into the forested area that surround the stop at Bromma. Unfortunately me camera ran out of battery by the time we reached Oslo but i hope the lush green in the final image demonstrates the range of views and landscapes we experienced on this journey. Again for these images I made very minor adjustments to the exposure time and aperture settings. 

Train from Bergen to Oslo Part 2

Moving into the high altitudes of the Norwegian mountains heading toward Finse - The highest point on the journey at 1,222m above sea level. Just to also point out the the white balance has not been changed for any of these images. The shift in tone and colour is down to our position in relation to the sun and is what made this journey so special.

Train from Bergen to Oslo Part 1

We knew that the train from Bergen to Oslo was considered to be one of the best in the world but nothing could prepare us for the sheer range of landscapes we would see. To summarise we traveled from the dramatic fjords on the East of Norway, through the frozen mountainous village of Finse that sits 1,222m above sea level, through the forested area of Fla then ending up in Norways capital, Oslo. In all it was breathtaking. As with the earlier images of Iceland this journey will be broken up into 3 parts so keep checking for more images of our journey.