Monday, 17 November 2014

Studios in Bergen Academy of the Arts

After seeing Ella's studio she kindly took me around the rest of the building. These are just a small sample of the images I took while there. Again, a huge thank you has to go to Bergen Academy for allowing me to walk around and document the studios. These images don't really do the spaces and the work produced justice but I can honestly say I was taken a back by the range of high level technical skill shown by the students in additional to the range of great studios provided by the institution. 
The work of a painting student
A view at the entrance to a painting studio
View into a large studio where the student is working with still and moving photography. 
Another example of a painting studio space.
A huge bookable gallery space that is used by students to experiment and exhibit work

The view across the harbour from the outside social space

The view out of a studio window. 
Me taking advantage of the free wifi and catching up on emails

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