Sunday, 16 November 2014

Trip to Norway - First Stop Bergen.

The first overseas visit for the Phoenix Bursary has seen me land in Bergen on the East coast of Norway. 

My travel companion for this one is Thomas Greenough; the Head of International Academic Development at the Glasgow School of Art. This is the first trip to Norway for the two of us and we cannot wait to see what it has to offer. With scheduled meeting with Bergen and Oslo Academy of  the arts it's going to be a busy 5 days. 

First job is to track down the Bergen based bursary holders Ella Calvert and Jenny Compton.

...........This will be the first of a series of Norway posts so keep checking in for updates and witty comments.

I've Just arrived in Bergen. Blue sky and impressive skyline.
My traveling companion. The Head of International Academic Development Thomas Greenough
Looking across the Lille Lungegardsvannet
Guided tour with the Director of Academic Affairs at the Bergen Academy of Art and
Design, Ingjald Selland and the Student Consultant Trude Mathiesen.
A stunning wooden bridge made by staff and first year sculpture students.
Detail of the construction
View across the Vagen Dock from the Stradsiden side.
The first Teslar electric car I've seen. If the marketing department at Tesler  need a  photographer I'm available but very expensive.

Street view walking through the Vagsbunnen area.

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