Friday, 30 January 2015

"A Hello From Zurich"

Fine Art Photography Graduate Emma Zetterstrom has spent her bursary with the support of Zuich University of the Arts in Switzerland - another one of the 22 institutions that opened there doors to graduates of the Glasgow School of Art. Each image below is accompanied by the brief description provided by Emma.

"Here comes a late midnight hello from Zurich. Phoenix is almost over but I'm still here making work"

"Toni Areal, a grey building filled with green plants"
"My Studio"
"a dream for photographers, so many dark rooms, and this digital one is open 24/7, access to three large print as much as you want printers"
"I'm mostly here though"
"Zurich is quite expensive, so one has to be creative, I have done lots of couchsurfing and sometimes i was lucky, my own room in ancient hobbit den"
"I was at zurich art fair, It could have been better"

"But then I came here - Venice International Performing Art Week"
"Participated in PAS, performance art studies during venice performance art week"
"lovely discussions with lovely people in lovely palazzos" 
"I saw live performances of Marilyn Arsem"
"Sandra Johnston and Alastair McLennan!!"
"........................and Zai Kuning plus many many more"
"How it looks outside my studio now"
"Before i leave here i have the small anxiety of filling this space with an exhibition. If you know anyone who will be around Zurich 23rd of Feb send them this way,See you all in April!!! Lots of Love, Emma"