Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Whisky Bond Studios - Phoenix Bursary in Glasgow

These photos were taken a few days before the end of the Residency from October 2014 to February 2015 at The Whisky Bond in Glasgow.  50 Phoenix Bursary Artists were based here. Photos by Pavel Dousek

Hannah Clarkson-Dornan at Studio 8

Studio 8

4th Floor Hallway at TWB

Frank McElhinney and Pavel Dousek at Studio 7

Christel Freuhoj and Milly Maloco at Studio 6

Jane Beran at Studio 6

Milly Maloco at Studio 6

The YAKA Collective at Studio 9

Tim Dalzell at Studio 9

Kate Gallagher at Studio 10

Liz Sumner at Studio 10

Lydia Everrit at Studio 10

Freya Stockford at Studio 11

Sarah Wilson at Studio 11

Alice Hoskins at Studio 11

Studio 11

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