Tuesday, 9 December 2014

HGB Leipzig

I was taken around the Academy by the Erasmus Coordinator Frances Kind, Professor of Photography, Torsten Hattenkerl and the Vice Rector for Academic and artistic practice, Prof. Oliver Kossack. As with ever institution i've visited the generosity of the staff and institution means a lot to me and the project, and i need to thank Frances, Oliver and Torsten for the welcome and hospitality they provided. 

During the tour I was taken into the studios and technical facilities and as you'll see from the images below all aspects were impressive, in particular the printing rooms for which the academy is famed.

While walking around I met with the two bursary holders, Alex Jensen and Sam Hailey-Watts. They were in the middle of one of Oliver's classes and by the sounds of it were preparing to make a studio tent………you never quite know what to expect on a day to day basis at an Art Academy. 

Another great visit and again it's simply amazing to see the range of facilities and environments that the bursary holders have access to. 
Large canvas in a painting studio
Student working on a mould in one of the large communal studios

Selection of printing presses 
Inks and screen printing table 

Selection of letters in the Academy case room
Overview of the extensive case room

Corridor with lone printer. Not showing off the Academy facilities but an example of the internal architecture and detailing

The two bursary holder Alex and Sam on the balcony above the main entrance.

Alex and Sam on the steps to the Academy

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